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Attention: ROM Sets are down for the moment, we are no longer taking donations at this time.

ROM Sets!

ROM Sets are complete collections of ROMs in one huge zipped file. The benefit of ROM Sets is that you only have to download one file, which saves a lot of time and allows to build a complete collection. All files are available DDL from our server.

Game Systems Available

Atari 800+2600 Collection (8,043 ROM's)
Amiga 500 Collection (4,278 ROM's)
BBC Micro Collection (4,278 ROM's)
Capcom Play System 1+2 Collection (378 ROM's)
Gameboy Color Collection (1,117 ROM's)
MAME Collection (2,259 ROM's)
Nintendo Collection (7,072 ROM's)
Nintendo 64 (329 ROM's)
Sega Genesis (1,900 ROM's)
Sega Game Gear (665 ROM's)
Super Nintendo Collection (741 ROM's)

Why Donate?

Our ROM Sets eliminate the need to download each ROM individually, which takes many hours a day. This will save you time, lots of it... plus it's so fun to just pick any game you want, whenever you want. We also appreciate the donation, we work hard to give you Roms4Droid and support is appreciated. Thank you in advance for your donation!


You are donating to better the website, to support the website, to support the webmaster. In return you get access to a ROM Set, you are not purchasing the ROM's themselves or the collection of ROM's. We are simply giving you a service that allows you to download all the ROMs at one time. Standard DMCA rules still apply. ROM amounts per zipped file may not be exact, but to my knowledge should be very close. If you have any issues, feel free to contact me.