PSP Emulator now available for Android

If you have not already noticed, there is a new PSP Emulator out for Android called PPSSPP. It is available on Google Play and sports a 5 star rating with over 1,300 votes which is promising. Here is a excerpt from the marketplace:

PPSSPP is an early prototype PSP emulator for Android and other platforms.

PPSSPP is still in its very early stages and does not run many games. It’s provided here if you want to try it, so that you can automatically receive updates over time – over time this will probably become a usable emulator.

Please go to for more information.

I have not tried the emulator yet, but I encourage you download it and give it a try (It’s FREE). Thanks to Bradley White for the update!

Game on!


  • wes

    How do you get Roms for the PSP emulator

  • Vici0usX This is the best I can do right now, we dont have any yet!

  • ror

    Someone please give me a link too free psp roms ,I am very desperate for some psp gaming right now.

  • JoshGroff

    What!!! Why didn’t you tell me?!

  • net

    Goood news ………but where are the roms???????????:’(

  • Michael Tabada

    download at emu paradise or pspiso tnx for me ^_^

  • DesperateUser

    You should consider making a section for PSP! It’ll help a lot of us out.