Pokemon Black & White 2 ROM

Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2 ROM

Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2 ROM

I’ve been getting a lot of requests for Pokemon Black 2 ROM and Pokemon White 2 ROM, so it has been added to our NDS database and will work fine with any of the emulators listed below. We’ve integrated them into our download manager so they verified safe and download fast! Get them while you can, Pokemon!


To download Pokemon Black 2 ROM [USA] (English)(Patched and EXP Fixed), click below:

To download Pokemon White 2 ROM [USA] (English)(Patched and EXP Fixed):, click below:

*All of our downloads use a file manager to ensure they download faster and are virus-free.


DraStic DS (Android Emulator)

DeSmuME Emulator (v0.9.8 Windows 32 bit binary) [For Windows]:

DeSmuME Emulator (v0.9.8 Mac binary) [For Mac OS]:


Pokemon White 2 and Pokemon Black 2 ROM is a turn-based action-rpg for handheld consoles such as the nds, dsi, and 3ds. It is a direct sequel to 2010’s Pokemon White and Pokemon Black. This game features new legendary Pokemon, additional eshop functionality, new land to explore, new game mechanics, leaders and you can even battle trainers from the previous games!

Extra Stuff

For more Pokemon ROMs DDL, start here.

For more help with these ROMs, please visit the thread below:

Enjoy and game on!


  • JoshGroff

    From last I’ve checked, which was about a month ago using DSoid, very few games are playable on Android DS emulators without super low fps.

    I think we have the horsepower (since PSX games can be emulated on single core snapdragon devices with clock speeds as low as 800mhz,) it’s just getting it to work is the hard part.

    • Vici0usX

      I haven’t seen much progress for the DSoid, I think he needs to step up his game.. Think he’s just making minor modifications and no serious modifications to enhance the gameplay. Should work a lot better now.

    • Allen Wilsin

      Drastic emulator runs 100% fps plus fastforward

      • JoshGroff

        Thanks for the recommend, it runs pretty darn smooth too, and the customization is solid. If I’m not too lazy, I’ll write an article and mention you for the tip. :)

        • Vici0usX

          Thanks Guys I will update the article!

  • Sladar+dagger

    hi i recently got a gameboid emu for my phone and i’d like to tell you how much i appreciate your website. man! it’s absolutely resourceful. thank you so much (and i’m sure i speak for the majority on that), on that note, some of the gba roms like double dragon, games under the name “nes classic – ” don’t work. hope that was helpful.

    • Vici0usX

      Thanks for the update, I am planning some big changes and hope to fix these.

  • conor cook

    can you get pokemon gameboy games downloaded onto the ds to play

  • JonnyRoboto

    The best way to play these roms is through R4. Wood R4 v1.58 May 30, 2013 at the moment. Downloading it to a Micro SD card and playing it on a DS which is worth buying. 50 bucks used and 100 dollars new on Amazon. 50 bucks or less on eBay. 100 bucks or less craigslist.

  • pokemontriner

    Is it patched with the exp patch?

  • Sam

    Well now there is a fully working android NDS emulator called “Drastic”, this game will probably run perfectly, as do the other games, and I am on a Samsung Galaxy S2. My FPS starts at about 28+. I do have clean master installed though, so i close any unwanted apps in the phones memory.

    But is this game in english? I see the J on it…

    • Vici0usX

      This game is in Japanese, I do not know of a English version that works well. Once I find it, I will upload it!

      • Vici0usX

        We now have an English VERSION! Both work great.

    • Vici0usX

      The original post was Japanese, it is now english!

  • jaylen

    It’s in Japanese.

    • turtledaddy

      no shit


    With drastic emulator… Most games run smooth

    • Vici0usX

      Thanks for letting us know! Has been added to the post!

  • ray

    its in japanese and it don’t have any exp

  • Scott Nguyen

    I have AVG Internet Security active and when I try to run the file, it thinks it’s causing threats. Is this a virus?

    • Vici0usX

      This is not a virus, we use a file manager and avg confuses it with another virus. It is 100% safe

      ~Website Owner

  • Vici0usX

    We’ve received a removal request from Nintendo, this file has been removed.

  • Den

    I can’t unzip the file after i downloaded it, Pokemon black 2, i downloaded it multiple times

  • natalie

    so are these not in english?

  • jinno

    What is the password

  • HempMyIndustry

    works great on the dstwo!

  • Homer Balingit


  • GuestYo

    The link for Pokemon White takes me to the Pokemon Black one.

  • ko may ko low

    lee pae lar lain nay tae ma aye low tawe

  • Henry

    will it going to work if I download it in my micro card and then play it in my ds nintendo?

    • Henry

      oh Im sorry with that stupid question,well it’s a nds file so it’ll work in my ds nintendo.

      I’m downloading the file now so Thank you Mr/Miss Uploader.xD

  • Dylan Unas

    Where is the download link???? pls tell me

    • Dylan Unas


  • Heidelberg Amul

    does it work on desmume 0.9.9 ?

  • Guest

    it says needs password to extract pokemon black 2 as its protected by the author. password??

    • Vici0usX

      Interesting, I will try the file myself. Maybe it has been changed.

  • Vici0usX

    This has been fixed

  • Guest

    I’m trying to download it from my Xoom tablet and it just downloads a .93 mb file. Every copy I’ve found of black/white 2 has been openable as a word file and full of random characters. Anyone else have this problem?

  • EpicPancakes

    Just downloads a .93 mb file on my Xoom tablet. Also, every copy of any black/white 2 roms I’ve found are openable as a word file and full of random characters. Anyone else have this problem or a fix? DraStic doesn’t want to recognise black/white 2 even though it recognizes all the other ds games.

  • Dylan Unas

    I have no idea where is the download link is. I can’t see the link

  • dave


  • fck this

    its fcking useless u download this its nothing on the file bullshit

  • Josh Pullen

    when ever i download this one, all i get is a text document telling me that this has been removed

  • Aaron

    where is the download?

  • mezilon

    I can’t find where to download this on my android phone.
    There is no link showing up where it says to click below.