Nintendo 64 Emulators

Nintendo 64 is considered to be the best video game console of its time with so many memorable games and awesome 64-bit graphics. Commonly known as N64, it was first released in 1996 and featured ROM cartridges, similar to its predecessors. Nintendo 64 was eventually discontinued in 2003 with about 32.93 million units sold worldwide. Personally, it is my favorite system and I especially love to emulate all my favorite games.

The first Nintendo 64 emulator to hit the Google Marketplace (Now Google Play) wasn N64oid by Yongzh. The playback was decent but was eventually removed from the market place due to copyright problems. There are a couple of good emulators I've found that work with the majority of the games, both come with free version for you to try.

If you need helping emulating N64 Games, please visit our helpful getting started guide, click here!

N64 Emulator - SuperN64
Corner for EmulatorFREE
N64 Emulator - Mupen64Plus
Corner for EmulatorFREE


Super Smash Bros
N64 Emulator
Banjo Kazooie
Golden Eye 64


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