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Recent Updates

Upgraded server + new PSX ROMs

Upgraded our server with 200GB more space! Uploading TONS of PSX ROMs now. I should be able to upload my entire PSX collection with no issues. I plan on uploading NDS Files next. http://www.roms4droid.com/roms/Playstation/

Cleared Star Ratings

I’ve cleared all of the ROM Ratings today — we were using a rating system that was not working well at all; so it has been replaced and I could have left the ratings, but I think it’s better just to reset and start from scratch with accurate data. That said, please take the time to browse around the site and rate all your favorite games between 1-5 so people can search popular rated games. We appreciate it as always and thanks again for the support.

Re-opened the Forum + Help Centre

Just finished converting the forum over to the new layout, everything looks and works great. I’m hoping more people will sign up and participate so that we can make a thriving and fun forum for android emulation. I’ve also added the new Help Centre, which is the general area for visitors to find helpful guides and information regarding Android Emulation. If you have any requests, feel free to post a thread in the forum.

New, more user friendly layout

I liked our old layout, but it was not as user-friendly as this one. I’ve designed this layout with the user in mind and K.I.S.S (keep it simple stupid). It is easier to navigate via Android and PC. I also plan on rewriting some of the content and add some more valuable information. It is not 100% complete and should be finished within a week — I hope you like the new design and if you find any bugs, email support@roms4droid.com Besides the new layout, I’ve added Gameboy ROMs, Atari ST ROMs, Atari Jaguar, and Atari Lynx ROMs to the… Keep Reading